Firefighting (Job Description)
• respond to structure fires, vehicle fires and other
fire alarm responses

• respond to hazardous materials incidents and
provide medical assistance

Live-In Firefighting (Job Description)
• live at fire station rent free

• respond to active fire fighting alarms

Junior Firefighters (Job Description)
• learn about local fire, rescue, and emergency
medical assistance

Rescue Services (Job Description)
• assist with basic vehicle rescue

• perform water rescue

• participate in Technical Rescue Operations Team
(TROT), a regional response system involving
rescues from building collapse, trench collapse,
confined space collapse, and high angle rescue

• assist with traffic control at incidents (Fire Police)

Wildland/Brush Firefighting (Job Description)
• respond to wild fires and brush fires

Administration (Job Description)
• serve as officers/committee members of fire

• assist with financial management

• assist with membership interviews, reference
checks, membership rolls

• provide legal advice

• manage website

Education & Outreach (Job Description)
• presenting educational programs to public

• assist with training events for members

• assist with community relations efforts

• take photos at fire and emergency scenes, CFD

Development (Job Description)
• help plan and organize fund raising events

• assist with annual awards banquet

• help write grants and manage grant projects

Equipment and Maintenance (Job Description)
• assist with building management/maintenance

• assist with vehicle fire apparatus maintenance












Volunteers can train to be active in
all areas or can specialize in specific
activities, such as fire only, dive
rescue only, etc.