The Carlisle Fire Department serves the Borough of Carlisle to meet the needs of our community in fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue. The Department consists of two volunteer fire companies: Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services and Union Fire Company.

The Department’s primary purpose is to provide fire fighting to minimize the loss of life and property when fire, sudden illness, or accidents occur in the Borough of Carlisle. Emergency services are delivered from two strategically located fire stations in the Borough (map). The Fire Department also strives to improve the quality of life for Borough residents by providing public education and on-going training for firefighters.

The two companies are coordinated and united through Department guidelines under the direction of professional Fire Chief Jeffrey Snyder. Borough Council appropriates operational funds, and volunteers of the two companies raise additional funds. Each company is responsible for its own day-to-day operations. Volunteers and paid employees in each company are responsible for Department fire and rescue apparatus, administrative and fundraising operations.

To supply these services, the companies maintain a collective membership roll of approximately 120 active volunteers. Each station employs full-time and part-time operators to man at least one piece of apparatus. Four pieces of apparatus are owned by the Borough of Carlisle, while another ten pieces of apparatus and two boats are owned by the individual companies.